Memo To:      Owner / Credit Manager / Comptroller


Re:                               DELINQUENT ACCOUNTS  RECEIVABLE



            Do some of your customers or clients owe you  money?  Are you tired of chasing them?
I have been an attorney for over 28 years specializing in Creditor Rights law, specifically collections.  Permit me a few minutes of your time to describe the services my office performs.   

            My office specializes in representing creditors in the collection of delinquent or charged off commercial and consumer accounts.  The full spectrum of collection efforts encompasses three stages. The first is the collection stage, the second is the litigation stage and the final stage is that of judgment execution and enforcement. The collection stage commences with formal written legal demands for payment as well as however many personal telephonic communications as may be necessary.  We are usually able to ascertain whether a debtor will “cooperate” within 30 days of our receipt of an account.  We are not a collection agency and we will not waste time with a plethora of repetitious demand letters for months on end.  If a debtor will not work with us after the second letter (if we even go that far), we will evaluate with you the merits of proceeding to litigation and take whatever steps you so desire.  I work on a pure contingent basis.  If we don’t collect, we don’t get paid.
            I personally practice in all courts and counties in the New York metropolitan area and I maintain a quality network of associate counsel in other states.  I do not “ship out” my New York litigation work to other attorneys (as collection agencies do), which attorneys tend to come and go. I am always the one to represent you. The goal, of course, is to secure payment without having to resort to litigation.

            All of my software is collection oriented and we log all of our efforts to collect.  All collection efforts, including calls to and from debtors, as well as client comments and execution stages, are input to our Hardcopy Debtor Record (our “Comments” screen) so that any time you wish to receive a detailed status of an account-- it is immediately available, or you can call us for a quick update.  An Acknowledgment of Accounts Submitted for Collection report is our format for acknowledging exactly which accounts have been received from you, by both your own and our account numbers.              
            A Collection Statement prepared at months end breaks down receipts by our office as well as receipts received by you (direct payments), as some debtors will always pay you, the creditor, directly.  Our software then calculates what amounts are to be remitted to you or, on some occasions, you to us.

            What I would like to impress upon you is that my office will not hesitate to file suit against a debtor/defendant upon your authorization.  I personally prepare a formal Summons and Verified Complaint,  attend every court proceeding, counsel all witnesses in preparation for trial, prosecute the trials and, most importantly-- we execute quite effectively upon our judgments.  We have our own skip-tracing and asset location specialists. 

            Take a few minutes and call me.  It can’t hurt and you may very well hang up the phone a very happy person!

            My staff and I would like to work with you to secure recoupment of your losses.  We’re good at what we do and promise you personal service, accountability and what counts the most--  performance!  With hope that I hear from you soon, I am


                                       Respectfully Yours,

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Michael A. Shichman, Esquire